Can I change some items on the menu?
Yes. Because we believe that we can meet your needs to suit your requirements as long as
the value of the new items chosen is within the same price range. If not, there would be
some adjustments to the total cost of the menu. Feedback & discussions are always welcome.

Is Kigi Catering Halal certified?
We do not have any pork or lard products in our menus. Meat items used (like chicken, beef,
mutton) are certified ‘halal’ by suppliers. However, we do not have the halal certification.

Are there any delivery charges?
$50.00 -$60 per trip. (set-up & collection)

Is there any GST charges?
No. We do not charge GST.

Is there a separate cost for setting up tables & skirting to place the food?
No. This service is complimentary. We will also provide disposable ware like foam plates,
plastic cutlery, garbage bags & paper napkins. Food warmers & serving equipment will
included as well. However if you require a more elaborate buffet set up or even non-
disposable ware like china or melamine please contact our consultants to assist you.

What is the arrival time to set-up equipments?
Usually, allow ½ an hour for us to set up the equipment. For eg. if you’ve asked your guests
to arrive at 12 noon for lunch, it would be ideal for us to arrive at your premises about 1
hour before the event between 11.00am to 11.30am to set up the buffet.

What is the latest time for collection of caterer's equipments?
We will collect our equipment approx. 4 hours after set-up.

Breakfast 12noon
Lunch 4.00pm
Afternoon Tea 6.00pm
Dinner 9.30pm

What if I require an early breakfast set up (before 9.00am) or a later collection time (after
10.00pm*) of the equipments?
There will be a extra surcharge of $50.00 for these timings. (Collection from 10.30pm to
12midnight -additional $100.00 required)

Can I rent tables & chairs for my guests?
$15.00 per table 3ft by 3ft (inclusive of tablecloth)
.00 per stool (no backrest)

What if I need service staff for my function?
Yes. We can provide service staff for your event. Please contact our consultants for more

How do I go about selecting a menu?
It is important to know the number & type of guests you are expecting. For eg., their
nationalities, age group or special dietary requirements (do not eat beef, spicy food, or they
are vegetarians).

Can I select a Tea Reception Menu for a lunch or dinner function?
Yes, however this is not advisable because the tea reception menu consist more of light
finger food.

What is the portioning per person?
We provide a buffer of 10% of the total amount of food served. However this extra amount is
for some of your guest to have extra helpings. Keep in mind that more popular items would
run out faster than others.

How early should we confirm our booking?
Please confirm at least 1-2 weeks in advance to avoid disappointment. For festive seasons or
church weddings, a lead time of 2-3 months would be required as preferred dates and
weekends are usually very popular.

Who do I call if I have last minute changes?
We will require you to confirm all details of the event at least 5 days in advance. If there is
really a need for last minute changes, please call our consultants to assist you. However,
please note that there will be additional surcharges.

How do we order?
You can place your order by fax, phone or email.

How do we make payment?
Payment can be made by CASH or CHEQUE at the function upon the presentation of our
Invoice. Cheques should be made payable to Kigi P
te Ltd. A 30% non refundable deposit is
required for orders above $1000.00.
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